Uncovering The Light of Your Soul

Finding Your Inner Truth and Living it!

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Shall We Dance?

Let me talk to you of your beginnings,

Let me sing to you of your craft

Let me weave for you a web of rememberings

Rich in multi-coloured rainbows of colours

That you cannot as yet distinguish

But you will!


I see the darkness hovering within you

I see the mist of uncertainty clouding your vision

And beyond and beneath and above all of that

I see you robed in color and light, so bright, so beautiful

That the human eye cannot take it all in, could never comprehend anything so vast, so magnificent, so clear!


You can feel it.

It is like a whisper of snow on the wind.

The hint of spring in February

It is muffled yet bursting to be free

It is trapped, yet prompting you for release

It is painful, yet comforting in its presence.


Come closer now, I can help you.

Come nearer now, let me show you

Come reach out your hand, let me guide you

Let me show you a way to remove the dark blanket, the mist, the pain,

And reveal that which you know you are

That which you know you must be, beneath.



This came to me in a visualisation. At first I thought it was for me, it describes so well, how I have felt so far this year, yet I now know that this is for you too, the reader who found these words. This metasong is a message from my Soul to my conscious being, and also from your soul, in unified connection, to YOUR conscious being.

I also have two important words. Say them over, let your mind rest on them, and then let me know what they mean to you, or how they make you feel. The words are CREATIVE REMEMBERINGS.

We are all creative beings, we create our own existence and reality every second of the day. Our thoughts and emotions are very powerful, and we are only just becoming aware of quite how powerful they are. We are all mini Gods and Goddesses, with complete power over our lives. At present we are struggling to align this truth with our day to day lives because of the constraints we have lived within for so long. These constraints are held in place by mass consciousness on many levels. Family, community, regional, national and international, all have a role to play in what we believe is our reality. We are held within these limitations to such an extent that our power is effectively crushed.

But don’t feel anger, frustration, or sadness at this, and please never feel helpless. Times are changing quickly and many are now awakening and seeing just what can be done when you think outside of these limitations, when you tell yourself that anything is possible and believe it!

You are a vast universe of tiny particles and atoms, all vibrating together, creating an energetic mass that is you. Your Soul is continuously dancing with this energy mass, itself an energy mass, but vibrating at a far faster and so less dense rate. Your thoughts are also packets of energy, data, that are fed into the whole. They feed your emotions which then show you how to react. The world you perceive is your own world, shaped by your experiences. The energy of others has touched your life, in many ways, and you have interpreted that energy and taken some of it as your own. This helps to shape how you see your world. Past life energy is also present within this Universe of you. It also helps to shape your reality.

So much energy, created, gathered, shaped into a life that is your own. But it is only energy.

Energy is fluid, it is able to move in any direction. It just needs to know where to go. Think of the wind. The wind is a vast energy force that blows happily across a wide open plain, but then it encounters mountains and changes shape to push through into smaller valleys. Here, where it is more contained, it becomes stronger. Or it may find a mountain blocking it and then must flow around, often in many different ways. Energy needs direction to change course. It needs more specifically intention and action.

Your physical body mass, has also an energetic body mass. It is a replica of the physical body and is so closely related that each affects the other. Your energy mind is a powerful source of information. It has all the data that you have ever created stored within, as well as having a connection to all the data EVER created anywhere, any time, any place. The problem is our conscious mind struggles to understand such pure data streams. It stands in the way, because it does not understand. The energy mind also struggles to understand conscious concepts and to see the world through our eyes. So it stands to reason that we need to help the two meet in the middle, to become friends, to start speaking the same language. Imagine bringing online your energy mind with all its power and resource.

I have found over the years that I have become restless. I have KNOWN there was something I needed to understand, some knowledge to gain so that I could engage with my life purpose. I have searched for this thing in many places. I have read many books, taken many courses, and had many readings of various types. I have learnt a lot yet and now I feel I have found that place of completeness and connection within. So let me share with you what has become obvious. No one elses course, book, experience, words, even therapy, will help you to really connect and complete who you are. Why? Because their Universe runs on a slightly different wave length, with slightly different rules and laws, to yours, based on their own experience of life. Although we are all made of the same stuff, we all create with that stuff differently. Your playdough cat looks slightly different to mine. I can tell you how to do it, how I did it, but it will never be the same.

So, you guessed what I will say next. The only one who can help you is you. The problem is how do you do that?

When you are standing in the middle of your Universe, with the energies whirling around you, often in such confusing patterns that you cannot focus your gaze on any one thing for more than a few seconds, you cannot even begin to help yourself. People (and I’m one of them) struggle to regain control for years. Trial and error, luck and fate and a lot of hard work on a non physical level have brought me to this place now. I believe that my role from here on in, is to start showing others how to do this, without so much trial and error. I want to offer you that guiding hand, walk with you as you figure out things for yourself. I want to help you to find what works for YOU. Not what worked for me.

When I first was presented with this idea, via my own energy mind, I have to admit I felt daunted. This is a dance based on pure energy, this is a dance that is in reaction to whatever presents in each moment. I cannot write this down, and give you a piece of paper to take away and learn from, that would be my experience not yours. I cannot write myself a strict set of rules to follow for each of you that wish to take up this dance with me, that would be impossible. The excitement and the magic is created in the knowing that every single person I work with is different. I will need to change how I work to fit in with them. I will need to think on my feet, to help them be the very best of who they are.

When I began Uncovering the Light of Your Soul, I was on the right track. I wanted to help others to find that inner light and beauty and bring it forth to engage with the world. In that way they are happy and the world is happy also. I did what I could through sharing my own experiences, sharing those of others, and by offering what guidance I could. Now I am going one step further, a step off the edge of the cliff into the unknown. I have so many tools to offer as guidance. I have so many tools to help you to be your own creator. I have so much understanding of the structure of the energy systems, and also of the power of limitations. My promise to myself and to all who I connect with is that the limitations will be dropped. Gone are the times of limitation. These are the new times, where we see who we are with wings!

Before I present this way of working to you, I need to think further. Today is the start of my 47th year in this lifetime, and it seemed a good time to put this down on paper. With this Full Moon, falling in the UK early on the morning of Friday the 13th June, and with all the current Solar activity, the energy is high, it is a time where we can create magic by looking at what needs to come to completion. For me I have completed a major life cycle, one where I have learnt so very much that I now can share. I am so looking forward to knowing you all better. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information on this.

And now can I ask you…..Shall we dance?

Kirsten Ivatts





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Where I am. A poem


I sit, the rain pouring,

Sipping red wine,

Listening, listening.


What do I listen for?

What is that disturbance,

At the edges of my perception?


Something is changing,


Something is forming,


Something is shedding,



I know not what.


Where I am is here.

Where I am is now.

The dusk seems more present this evening,

Intense, so intense with premonition.


I sense an edge,

A precipice,

Yet where I am

Is not there yet.


I sit, the rain pouring,

Sipping red wine,

Listening, listening.



Kirsten Ivatts 2014.


Hot Flushes? Or symptoms of Ascension?

I was just reading elsewhere about people experiencing internal heat recently and wanted to share with you my experiences of this.

When this first started I thought it was to do with menopause, hot flushes. Over the last three months it has been happening regularly, and sometimes daily, but it is NOT hot flushes, so if you are getting the same symptoms please read on!

Here is a description of menopausal hot flushes :
‘Hot flushes may last between a few seconds and 10 minutes but an average is around 4 minutes. Frequency may be from every hour to a couple of times a week.
There is a sensation of intense heat and a feeling that the face and whole body is flushing. It is often difficult to ignore and women having hot flushes often fling open windows when all around them are anything but warm. Flushing and sweating may not be apparent to the observer but the sufferer tends to be very self-conscious of the affliction.
Lack of concentration and poor memory are commonly associated.’

Source patient.co.uk

Here is where what I am experiencing is different.
Firstly there is no sweating at all, no feelings of my skin burning up or flushing of the skin itself.
What I feel is a sudden onset of heat which can originate in any area below my chest and above my thighs. This heat is intense and flashes through me, but feels almost like a tingling. If you have ever felt energy with your hands you may know what I mean. It is accompanied by energy movements around and within my body and always ends with a surge of intense joy in the heart, and a feeling of excitement in the heart and solar plexus areas.
I do not suffer from lack of concentration or poor memory with it, but instead feel intensely awake. The whole experience last for less than a minute and leaves me with a ‘knowing’ that another layer that I no longer need has been stripped away.

If you are also having this experience, remember to be grateful afterwards. You are being helped, seared almost, by the light. Each time this happens know you are moving further forward on your path.


Reality Check!


Yesterday I was suddenly prompted by some words in a discussion with dear old Silvia Hartmann to have a look at my reality. She actually said that sometimes you need to just give it a good old kick up the arse, and it made me wonder what my reality really looked like.

So I did a reality check.

I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by that. I suddenly decided to do something I would use with entities in EFT, which is to ask my energy mind what that would look like as a person. We relate to other people because we are one, we can understand them, we can even talk to them, so this works really well to bring in new understandings.

So I sat down quietly and relaxed for a moment or two and then asked out loud what my reality looks like as a person.

Now if you do this yourself, be prepared to accept whatever first comes to mind, no matter how shocked you are. Once an image begins to form, stay with it, let it emerge fully. If you can’t see a part well, ask to be shown it in more detail. And have a pen and paper ready to jot down what you see in as much detail as possible. Oh and don’t analyse just go with it.

So what I got was NOT what I expected, but with hindsight is EXACTLY what my reality was…well…in reality!

I got an image of a person, I thought a man, in a sort of 1920’s gangster film suit and hat. The clothes were all in grey and the hat hid most of the face. This ‘reality’ was smoking a cigarette, had stubble and looked decidedly shady!

I don’t smoke so I immediately told it firmly to lose the cigarette, which was stubbed out under foot. Then I told (not asked) this ‘reality’ to stand up straight and get rid of the hat so I could see it properly. It did so and the stubble disappeared on the face, revealing, pretty much my own face, but with very long wavy, golden hair, that shone.

So I asked, why the clothes and the impression of the wrong gender. I said that colour just didn’t suit me. She shrugged, looking a bit bored and said we, had, had them a long time, they were the norm. I told her I didn’t like them anymore, and we needed to come up with some alternatives.

At this point I was disturbed by a child telling me the bathroom was now free for me to grab a shower. So with a warning of, I’ll be back to my ‘reality’, off I tootled.

As I was in the shower I got a very enlightened thought that would help me and my family a step closer to moving to our desired location (not a cheap place to live, but somewhere we are very drawn to). As the thought emerged I got a massive surge of heart energy and then a quick flash of the image of my reality. I’m pretty sure I was being shown how, just taking this first step had already made a difference!

When I got back to my ‘reality’ I told her to lose the clothes, we needed something else. Under those clothes she was extremely thin. She didn’t look at all healthy and I knew we had to get her eating something good and healthy and colourful. Out of nowhere a Kaftan type wrap over full length robe appeared, made of a sheer fabric and swirling with all the colours of the rainbow. The swirls were constantly intermingling and changing. It was quite amazing to watch. Then a hat appeared in the same fabric and colours, a wide brimmed, floppy affair. This was dancing with little sparkles of white light, and my crown chakra started tingling and opening up more.





Once she was clothed I conjured up a table full of fruits, and wonderful colourful, healthy foods. She sat and began to eat. I left her there. Later that day I checked in to find her still eating, but there was a flower in her hat and lots of flowers and grass growing around her feet.


When I look back at this exercise, I can see exactly how my reality has been for a long time, grey, monotonous, uninteresting, lacking in colour and healthy vitality, cloaked, hidden. I feel as if this was a great way to be aware of and rid myself of the final few blocks that I had created in my life.

This morning I checked in again and she was standing grinning. Now she was quite huge, in the way of abundance, like one of those ancient goddess statues. There was a whole load of grass and plant life around her and suddenly she began to swirl into the colours of her clothes until she resembled a rainbow coloured vortex of whirlwind of energy. This energy spiralled up and then quickly plunged into the ground. I felt it entering my feet and shooting up to my chest where it expanded outwards and upwards. I also saw it expanding in other directions, touching the members of my family, and on, and on.

Why not give this a go yourself? It’s simple, it’s fun, and it is ULTRA POWERFUL!


Oh and please let me know how you got on!


Kirsten Ivatts


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The Energist at Work!



Energy Art by Kirsten Ivatts

Fragments of Energy              Energy Art by Kirsten Ivatts


While I was brushing my teeth today, my daughter, who was playing in the bath, asked me to do something for her. I got an instant rising of hot frustrated energy up through my body to my solar plexus and I thought ‘GIVE ME A MINUTE!’

Instantly I was aware that this is something I have worked on in the past, that feeling of never having time to do my own thing, no matter how small or unimportant that thing is. I couldn’t let this opportunity to work more on this ‘GIVE ME A MINUTE’, that I thought I had worked on in the past, go to waste, so towel clad I stood in the bedroom and started tapping on GIVE ME A MINUTE. As I tapped the frustrations, anger, resentments came to the surface, and gave me a feeling of chronic acid in my stomach. They then moved into my chest where I felt it hard to breath. I kept tapping and then had a big realisation! This is what I love about Energy work….the evolution that happens, the realisations of what the real cause is behind something (oh and there can be more than one!).

It suddenly dawned as I tapped that the reason that I constantly FEEL like I have no time for my own things, even though I actually, logically have plenty of time, is because of all the SHOULD HAVES and SHOULD NOTS and COULD HAVES and COULD NOTS that have plagued my life for years. Of course these are self-imposed chains that we manacle ourselves with, they are ideas, thoughts that create energy. The problem is that this energy is in opposition to what I would term, Soul Energy, the Energy of BEING rather than DOING, the energy of NOW rather than past or future. So I have been battling for years with these self-imposed chains (not the only ones I might add!). Of course this makes me feel angry, frustrated, that is what fighting brings up. It also brings fear, the root cause of all negatives, and I have a fear that I won’t have the time in this life to ever do what I want to do.

I often have found myself feeling like I want to be creative, yet I think, ‘No, look at the house, you should clean it,’ or I feel like a lazy day, just doing what I want to do and I hear an echo of my ex husband in ‘You should be looking for work, not sitting around doing nothing’, or I feel like I could be so successful in something, and I hear, ‘You couldn’t because you have children to look after.’ None of these really make any sense, but when the mind is fogged because of an energy system in disarray, because of aspects that are angry or hurting, then it makes perfect sense!

So I started tapping on ‘I don’t want the Should’s and could’s. I realised as I tapped that some of these are attached to other people’s energy, and past situations, causing blocks in my system. The energy kept rising up and out of my throat as I tapped, I was yawning and sighing it out like crazy! I kept adding other thoughts as they appeared, tapping them away, and the energy kept rising, very acidic and coming out. I kept dancing, moving, trying to help it budge physically. I was softening and flowing the energy like crazy in between tapping, seeing it coming out of my mouth.

And now? Well I feel lighter but also clearer, and you will only GET what I mean by that if you have ever released energy that was blocked. There is a new shiny clarity to all you see, a new depth of understanding to be applied to your life. I am hoping I have put this feeling of NO TIME to rest now once and for all. I cannot feel it in relation to this moment, I feel like I have as much time as I need and could wish for. I am so glad that I am AWARE of these events when they happen and also that I allow myself to do something about it there and then.

I have been thinking today, how to reword my services on my website. I have so many and I want to just offer one thing, my talents as an Energist which actually cover everything that I offer at present, plus my writing, poetry and my art work. What makes me an Energist? My understanding of the energy system, how it works, how to help it, how to see, hear, feel and touch it, how to intuit its needs, and how the energy system of each and every one of us is part of a much larger energy system.

Being an Energist isn’t about the skills you use, as much as it is about the understanding behind them, and seeing how to use those skills to show an individual how to be the one thing we all want over anything else, LOVED. Love brings, joy, happiness, more energy! And feeling loved is what you get when your energy system is running clear and bright, fully functioning.

So today I am going to think carefully about the wording on my website. I so want to help others to have the tools in their life to be aware where they have blocked energy, and how to go about tackling it. After all, in the words of Silvia Hartmann, ‘IT’S ONLY ENERGY!’

And that is all it is.

Kirsten Ivatts


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The Ego Really Does Get Some Bad Press



Image from The Chopra Centre.


The Ego really does get some bad press these days doesn’t it?

But you know, it isn’t something to attempt to banish from your system, it is really the physical body’s equivalent of the Soul.

We are Human, and we are Soul. Together these two parts of us make a Human BEING, a conscious, intelligent and sacred Trinity when in balance. Our problem comes from misunderstanding what the Ego does and why it is there, and centuries of living in a world of negatives, which ultimately have kept people under control, giving power to the few.

The Ego was designed to be our early warning system, the part of us that showed us REAL physical danger. Without it we may all have just jumped off cliffs like Lemmings!!!

But now the Ego is in full control and is working overtime to show us imagined dangers in everyday life. It has become a real master of it! We perceive danger in so many places it’s actually quite amazing! Try writing down everything you are worried by, or every negative that you think, a lot. Now read through each one and ask yourself what you fear in that negative. Fear underlies everything that is illusion. Ego is here to produce fear to save us. That’s how we survived as humans when we lived in a world where mortal danger really did surround us.

And there is a need still for the Ego, to alert us to real physical danger. Yet the Ego has become a master at making itself useful in a world where we do not live under constant threat of our survival. It has conjured up new dangers that are all in the mind, producing emotions that make us believe that we can see darkness around every corner. We fear lack in everything we see. Why? Because if you lack the crucial things in life, you cannot survive. But what are the crucial things in life? They are food, water, shelter, warmth. That is all the physical body needs. Do you really lack food, water, shelter and warmth to a state where you are going to die?

Not many of us do, even if money is scarce in our lives. Yet the Ego needs to have a use, so it tells us that we are lacking in a fundamental area and this threatens our existence. The problem here is twofold. Firstly our physical body lives in a stressed state, constantly fighting perceived threats, raising our blood pressure, sending hormones racing, and putting strain on our whole physical system. Secondly, because all our defences are set on high alert nothing can get through to break the cycle, including your Soul.

So what can be done?

Many things are useful in making the Ego stand down. One very easy thing you can do is practice conscious breathing. Practice breathing into your belly, deeply and slowly in a controlled manner, and keep practicing until you can do this easily, letting your breathe flow. This tells your body to lower its defences, the perceived threat is not a danger.

Meditation is a tremendous help too. Meditation stills the mind chatter, which is your Ego’s constant conversation with you, and allows your Soul to step forward. The Soul speaks to you through the heart rather than the head, and shows you the beauty and love in all things rather than the darkness. The Soul brings peace, the Ego brings threat.

You can also ask the Ego to step forward. Really try and see it as a person, give it an image. Then sit down with it and explain, gently and lovingly that things have changed. You no longer live in a dangerous world, in the way you once did. Explain that the way to survival now is to allow the defences to drop and let the Soul take up equal lodging. To work in harmony with Soul. Explain to the Ego that it doesn’t have to work so hard, on its own any more. It can relax, take a break. Thank it for all its help bringing you to this point, but let it know that now the Soul is stepping in, to show you both how the world can be from its point of view. Ask the Ego to help you now, to drop the walls, let go of the fears and see the beauty and love in the world. Ask it to help you see that there is nothing to fear, you are lacking nothing. Explain that this is the way to survive in today’s New World.

If you can allow the Soul to be a presence in your body, by breaking the cycle of fear that you exist in, then balance can begin, and harmony has a chance. Then the threats dissolve and you notice that the world suddenly seems a more peaceful and enjoyable place to live. You start to see where the Ego has been getting it wrong. You begin to wonder, for instance, why you thought you must cling on to the relationship that makes you unhappy, but also makes you feel secure. (The secure feeling is what the Ego offers you for being with someone else, as there is safety in numbers after all!) The threats and dangers that you fear from leaving the relationship are imagined. It doesn’t mean a break up isn’t hard work, but it is NOT a life threatening situation!

So how do you know when the Ego is talking to you or when the Soul is talking to you. It really is VERY simple. If you perceive danger or what you are feeling can be traced back to fear, that is the Ego doing its best at what it is good at. Survival.

How do you know when the Soul is whispering to you? There will be NO mind chatter, there will be just a feeling in your heart, a deep knowing that this is what you need, not because the world is threatening without it, but because it will place you in a state of pure heartfelt joy. It will have nothing to do with attachment, and everything to do with making you feel more whole as an individual being.

Fighting the Ego is never going to work. You cannot be Egoless, it is impossible. But you can have an Ego that rests in the background until a real danger, like that lion you are facing bravely, is in front of you. Then the Ego can jump to your defence. You cannot live without it, but fighting it will just keep you in that stressed state!

Balance, harmony, and love are needed now in the world, and they all start in each individual balancing, harmonising and loving themselves. So get out those scales and start weighing up your life today. Which side weighs heaviest?


Kirsten Ivatts


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Happiness and Upheaval (AGAIN!)

Well what a ride the weekend was! I will try and explain it as best I can.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and I awoke feeling tired but well. I decided to meditate while taking a nice hot bath as my neck and shoulders have been sore, causing tension headaches since the Full Moon.

I chose some relaxing music that has the sound of the ocean within it and happily lay back on the sandy, warm beach this always conjures. The sound of the sea lapping on the shore, warm sand holding me safely. I had buried my fingers within the sand and was enjoying the smell of the salt when suddenly I wasn’t there, but was facing the wall that I came across in my Akashic meditation (to read follow link). http://thelightofyoursoul.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/understandings-before-the-equinox/

This time there were a few bricks that had re-emerged to about head height, but they were virtually transparent. As I looked at them they melted once more into rainbows at my feet and the road ahead was open in front of me. This time I felt an urge to walk it. I didn’t get far before I just sat down. Around me on three sides was a misty white nothingness, but ahead were those same ghostly golden some things, they still weren’t defined, but they look like structures of some kind.

Then suddenly the golden man that arrived at the end of another meditation (see link) was in front of me. http://thelightofyoursoul.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/powerful-pre-equinox-meditation/

Golden Man

This time I knew him, or rather my Soul knew him before my brain understood. I got a whoosh of love energy, in other words Kundalini, straight up my spine and into my chest then out of the top of my head and into my surrounding energy body. My skin was alive! We rushed together like magnets, and merged, including sexually! I saw my body as silver and his as gold and I welcomed him with every atom of my being. It was an experience that is very hard to put into words!

Then my brain caught up on it all and I knew who he was. He was the missing part of my partners Soul, his Higher Self, the shadow of which I have known was within him since I first saw his eyes and had that jolt of recognition.

My partner is very much my opposite, and although he is supportive of my own work, he doesn’t believe in life in the same way as I do. But slowly I have watched as he begins to change, not into being exactly like me, but into being who he is becoming. And now here was the part of him that I had always felt was missing, come to help him further his own quest as a Soul in human form.

I was shown an image from above of my partner. We couldn’t see him for dark clouds, and I urged his Higher Self, who was slightly hesitant in how to proceed, to allow a chink of his magnificence to penetrate those clouds (mostly stress and unresolved grief). And so he reached a hand into the clouds, which then seeped into his arm, making it grey too. I touched him and together we fought the grey, until it only encompassed his hand. I have spent the weekend engaging with him, urging him on, uniting with him. The progress is slow but if it were otherwise it is likely to cause madness I think! And I have noticed some changes, albeit slight, but fingers crossed a new beginning is happening within his life. It certainly is in mine!

After this meditation I pulled my cards for the day from two different decks. One was from the Isis deck, Uniting with Your Angelic Self and the other was the Sundancers from the Hidden realms deck, showing a pair of merged winged beings dancing upwards into light!

Then Sunday dawned. I hadn’t slept well and I awoke feeling not quite right. It was like someone had muddied my waters and I was shown a pond where the bottom had been disturbed and tiny black negative particles were dancing everywhere. Everything I have been working on seemed to reappear in some form or another yesterday. I stood back and watched in astonishment as my Egoic self dealt badly with a lot of them. I just had to go with the flow of it all, and keep asking for help for it all to be released once and for all. These last few weeks there has definitely been a taking apart and rebuilding going on, and these pieces must have been the bits left over from the old that now had no place in the new. It was like I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I wanted to bin them but couldn’t decide if they had appeared because they still had some usefulness.

Before bed, things had calmed a lot but I still felt unsettled, so I once more sat in meditation, but this time I asked to be taken to the temple of Isis for healing.

After following a dark and dank tunnel for a while I entered a dimly lit room where a very tall and VERY luminous Goddess virtually blinded me with her presence. I was told to sit on a large velvet cushion on the floor and then the Goddess sat in front of me and became three. She wasn’t the traditional Triple Goddess, but seemed to be three Goddesses, obviously embodying the full range of Divine Feminine. The luminescence eased and in front of me sat a Goddess with a painted face, very Asian, and I immediately got the name Kuan Yin. Isis sat to my right and to my left was Brighid. It escaped my notice at that time that each of these come from a culture I have massive spiritual and past life ties with.

Brighid first handed me a gift. It was a tiny Rose Quartz bottle, pyramid shaped. I drank the liquid from it and found it bitter. She didn’t explain further, just nodded, and I got the feeling that this was something that would work its effects gradually.

Next Kuan Yin handed me a multi faceted round crystal, much like the glass ones you can buy on sun catchers, yet I was told this was fashioned of clear Quartz. I was told to place it on my chest where it stuck and then gradually sank within. I felt this one instantly, as a big flash of energy through my chest, radiating into every other area of my body and beyond.

Lastly Isis handed me a flower, daisy like, with a yellow centre. The petals kept changing colour between deep red and deep sky blue. As I watched I felt a rocking begin in my body between my throat chakra and my root chakra with my solar plexus as the central pivot. The rocking became intense, the energy moving back and forth in an arcing motion, and I was made aware that I needed to balance these two chakras and the Solar Plexus (always my problem area) was the point of balance. I need to sit down properly when I get a minute to work this out fully and do some chakra work, although I do feel that things were healed and balanced last night.



(Three Goddesses – Speed Paint by Mudora)

Eventually this intense energy manipulation subsided and the whole flower turned pink, lighter in the centre and magenta on the petals. I was told to keep checking the flower regularly and it would show me which chakras needed attention.

I was blown away by all these gifts and the healing I was given. Today I have awoken feeling whole, yet strange, as if wholeness is a feeling I need to get used to! It probably is.

What I would like to share with you all from this is, we are constantly cycling through and releasing what isn’t needed any longer. A lot of us are going through a complete overhaul of who we are and it is unsettling. But please know, this is a good thing. All the upheaval and change is very positive. Just keep asking for help, meditate as much as possible, to provide channels for that help to come, and try and be a conscious observer of your life, your reactions, and what your body is telling you.

It IS worth the effort.

Kirsten Ivatts



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