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There are times when I have to catch myself, stop myself from uttering the words, ‘I am only human.’

These words spring up when I am stressed, feeling like I have too much on my plate and am being asked to produce miracles. Do you say those words too?

I have also experienced a sense of relief when others say to me, ‘Slow down, you’re only human.’ Palpable relief.

Yet I know I am NOT ONLY human. I AM HUMAN, in fact I AM WOMAN!

The problem is I can feel the ego in those words bringing in the self pity, nurturing the stress aspects of me. At heart I KNOW I can do anything and everything. I am not limited by my humanness, I am only limited by my thoughts.

Stress is a limiter in every way. When we are stress free we feel capable of doing anything. The skies the limit, do I hear you say?

No, there IS NO LIMIT. We have so many metaphors that carry on the illusion that we are limited because we are human, but they are oh so wrong!

More and more these days I realise how magical and powerful I am. I see, often with a jolt of recognition that I have created what I wanted, not by rushing around trying hard to find a way, but by relaxing, telling the Universe what it is I want, and then getting on with my life until it arrives, STRESS FREE!

When it came to our last house move the stress definitely caught up with me, mainly because there were a number of stressors playing out in my life all at the same time. But by recognising this I could sit back relax and then write my list of all that I wanted in a new home. These included somewhere cheaper to run than the draughty old Georgian semi we were in, somewhere rural and peaceful, full of nature and beauty, but still with kids around for my kids, good schools, not too far from my partner’s offices. It included a social life, of which we had none, a community, yet distance when we wanted it (I am a solitary person). I then burnt the list at the Summer Solstice.

It’s funny how when we set the chain in motion things begin to crop up, but you must be aware of what is being presented to you. I was being prompted into developing a pure energy way of releasing people from blocks and limitations. I was completely trusting in my abilities, letting my own imagination show me the way to melt these blocks away, remotely, from others. It was working, easily, fluidly and amazingly! I trusted some more when I was prompted to look into working with the energy of houses and land, structures and even garden sheds, and once more it worked. And of course these promptings led me to try these new found skills on my house moving problem. It was easy to produce my ‘house moving entity’ and work with it until it became a great golden ball of energy that eventually exploded clearing pathways all around me. Three days later we went to see a house. A month later we had moved in.

The thing is though, the house didn’t seem to tick all the boxes quite. The rural beauty box was ticked, the small community and good school one too. But it was in the heart of the South Peaks in Derbyshire, not too far in miles from the major road links, yet in travelling time it was a fair distance. However it felt right, we knew someone in the village with kids, and it was closer to work than our last house, as well as being newer. I worried about the fact that the heating was oil fired, as in a past house this ended up costing us a fortune. You can’t ignore feelings though!

And gradually, bit by bit, those other boxes on my perfect house list are being ticked. For starters oil prices have dropped where other energy prices have risen. So far we are paying less than when we were on natural gas.

Then there is the synchronicity of my partner’s company deciding that they wanted to pay less hotel bills and so they encouraged more home working! So, far less travelling for him!

The kids have made friends extremely quickly and have settled in really well. And for us there are people with children of similar ages who we are getting to know, including the local landlady who has a daughter the same age as my own. We spent the afternoon yesterday in the local, with four other families, us playing darts and the kids playing pool, dancing and being supplied with bowls of chips when they got hungry. It was FUN and we have plans to socialise with these people more. I got to explain a bit about my energy work to others, and nobody looked at me as if I was off my head! PLUS!!!

And this is just one example of my magically human abilities. We all have them, beneath those layers of stress and those limiting beliefs. If you can break through to the other side of these you find that life is amazing! You are amazing! And you can actually do the most AMAZING things, with ease.

Kirsten Ivatts.

Potential Rising 1 by Kirsten Ivatts

Potential Rising 1 by Kirsten Ivatts

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Today I have been immersed in creative ventures. What a joy to give into all of my inner desires this way.

I am painting two different pictures, and have put the final touches to a Soul Essence painting for my partner (which amazingly, is very like my own but with different colours, the only other one I have painted like that!). I am putting together an Ebook (harder than it sounds!) of poetry and images, something I have wanted to do for years! And now I am taking a tea break and sharing my joys with you!

What are you doing today to delight your senses and fill you with joy?


Can’t hear you when you mumble…..

What was that?


Please remedy that IMMEDIATELY!

We all need a little time each day to give ourselves joy, in fact I just thought of a poem in my book. I will Gift it to you and hope it helps!

The Gift

I give you breath

I breathe you into life.

I give you heart

I love you into majesty.

I give you soul

I ensoul your every waking moment.

I give you thought

I fuel your inspiration.

That is my gift to you.

And a picture called JOY! That I painted earlier in the year.

JOY by Kirsten Ivatts

There, now it’s your turn. What would you really like to be doing right now? What would make you ultra happy?

Do it!

Oh, I see, you are at work? You have too much to do? There are kids in the background? You don’t have the cash?

You DO however have a mind, an imagination. All you need is a willingness to throw your self head first into joy, shut your eyes and IMAGINE! Bring up where you want to be, let all your senses join in, smell, taste, touch, hearing. Let your emotions believe that it is happening right now. Perhaps you are painting with big swirling strokes on a huge canvas, sitting on a beach in blazing sunshine, listening to waves, whatever will bring you joy do it. NOW.

I promise, whether you do it for real, or just in your head, if you throw yourself whole heartedly into it, really feel it, you can have all that you want right here and now, where ever you are.

Let me know how you do!

Kirsten Ivatts.


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Soul Rising

Potential Rising by Kirsten Ivatts
I feel you rise within me, slowly in stages, up my spine. Like a phoenix, steadily burning away the old, reducing me to ashes, clearing the debris of life, making way for ……not something new, no…..something incredible in a way that new cannot be, something vibrating at such a pace that I cannot keep up, quite, yet.

My throat itches to release you, utter you, taste your potency and see how the world reacts to your harmonious potential. Spiralling at its base you are felt, dear, you are felt, but when will I hear you, openly?

I must wait, patience, I must let you incubate just a little longer. Your presence will, I am sure, explode from me, shattering me into millions of pieces, blowing me away and birthing you, in my place, you that is and has always been I.

Kirsten Ivatts.

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I haven’t written a blog post in an age it seems. Much has changed since last I wrote. I am now living in a beautiful part of England, full of hills and Tors, rivers and streams, Trees and pastures, sheep and cows, and a scattering of people and houses.

Parwich, Derbyshire UK by Kirsten Ivatts

I am having a  new website built for me, a new experience as I have always done my own before, and it will soon be ready for unveiling. My blogs will be on the new website, everything in one place…and at last I am going to use just my own name. I will let you all know when the website is running, it will be Kirstenivatts.com, sweet and simple!

Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014 Ilam Country Park, UK by Kirsten Ivatts

I hope you will follow me there when the time comes. My journey, like that of so many, is unfolding into something new. My work has changed direction, yet still incorporates everything I have always done, just in new ways, that feel streamlined, simpler and more authentic.

Parwich UK, 2014 by Kirsten Ivatts

Parwich UK, 2014 by Kirsten Ivatts

I have been asked to present at The AMT Energy Conference in November in Eastbourne, UK. I am both excited and apprehensive about this. It will be the first time I have done this and also the first time I have explained a new section of my work to a mass of people. I HOPE I will both entertain and inform, and become a little better known.

Parwich, Derbyshire, UK by Kirsten Ivatts

Parwich UK, 2014 by Kirsten Ivatts

I will leave you today with a few photos of my new home. I can’t stop photographing it, it is just so perfect!

Regular updates will follow and soon, the big reveal of the beautiful new website by http://www.rkaink.com/

I have a new Facebook page where you can also follow updates. Please join me at www.facebook.com/kirstenivatts

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Shall We Dance?

Let me talk to you of your beginnings,

Let me sing to you of your craft

Let me weave for you a web of rememberings

Rich in multi-coloured rainbows of colours

That you cannot as yet distinguish

But you will!


I see the darkness hovering within you

I see the mist of uncertainty clouding your vision

And beyond and beneath and above all of that

I see you robed in color and light, so bright, so beautiful

That the human eye cannot take it all in, could never comprehend anything so vast, so magnificent, so clear!


You can feel it.

It is like a whisper of snow on the wind.

The hint of spring in February

It is muffled yet bursting to be free

It is trapped, yet prompting you for release

It is painful, yet comforting in its presence.


Come closer now, I can help you.

Come nearer now, let me show you

Come reach out your hand, let me guide you

Let me show you a way to remove the dark blanket, the mist, the pain,

And reveal that which you know you are

That which you know you must be, beneath.



This came to me in a visualisation. At first I thought it was for me, it describes so well, how I have felt so far this year, yet I now know that this is for you too, the reader who found these words. This metasong is a message from my Soul to my conscious being, and also from your soul, in unified connection, to YOUR conscious being.

I also have two important words. Say them over, let your mind rest on them, and then let me know what they mean to you, or how they make you feel. The words are CREATIVE REMEMBERINGS.

We are all creative beings, we create our own existence and reality every second of the day. Our thoughts and emotions are very powerful, and we are only just becoming aware of quite how powerful they are. We are all mini Gods and Goddesses, with complete power over our lives. At present we are struggling to align this truth with our day to day lives because of the constraints we have lived within for so long. These constraints are held in place by mass consciousness on many levels. Family, community, regional, national and international, all have a role to play in what we believe is our reality. We are held within these limitations to such an extent that our power is effectively crushed.

But don’t feel anger, frustration, or sadness at this, and please never feel helpless. Times are changing quickly and many are now awakening and seeing just what can be done when you think outside of these limitations, when you tell yourself that anything is possible and believe it!

You are a vast universe of tiny particles and atoms, all vibrating together, creating an energetic mass that is you. Your Soul is continuously dancing with this energy mass, itself an energy mass, but vibrating at a far faster and so less dense rate. Your thoughts are also packets of energy, data, that are fed into the whole. They feed your emotions which then show you how to react. The world you perceive is your own world, shaped by your experiences. The energy of others has touched your life, in many ways, and you have interpreted that energy and taken some of it as your own. This helps to shape how you see your world. Past life energy is also present within this Universe of you. It also helps to shape your reality.

So much energy, created, gathered, shaped into a life that is your own. But it is only energy.

Energy is fluid, it is able to move in any direction. It just needs to know where to go. Think of the wind. The wind is a vast energy force that blows happily across a wide open plain, but then it encounters mountains and changes shape to push through into smaller valleys. Here, where it is more contained, it becomes stronger. Or it may find a mountain blocking it and then must flow around, often in many different ways. Energy needs direction to change course. It needs more specifically intention and action.

Your physical body mass, has also an energetic body mass. It is a replica of the physical body and is so closely related that each affects the other. Your energy mind is a powerful source of information. It has all the data that you have ever created stored within, as well as having a connection to all the data EVER created anywhere, any time, any place. The problem is our conscious mind struggles to understand such pure data streams. It stands in the way, because it does not understand. The energy mind also struggles to understand conscious concepts and to see the world through our eyes. So it stands to reason that we need to help the two meet in the middle, to become friends, to start speaking the same language. Imagine bringing online your energy mind with all its power and resource.

I have found over the years that I have become restless. I have KNOWN there was something I needed to understand, some knowledge to gain so that I could engage with my life purpose. I have searched for this thing in many places. I have read many books, taken many courses, and had many readings of various types. I have learnt a lot yet and now I feel I have found that place of completeness and connection within. So let me share with you what has become obvious. No one elses course, book, experience, words, even therapy, will help you to really connect and complete who you are. Why? Because their Universe runs on a slightly different wave length, with slightly different rules and laws, to yours, based on their own experience of life. Although we are all made of the same stuff, we all create with that stuff differently. Your playdough cat looks slightly different to mine. I can tell you how to do it, how I did it, but it will never be the same.

So, you guessed what I will say next. The only one who can help you is you. The problem is how do you do that?

When you are standing in the middle of your Universe, with the energies whirling around you, often in such confusing patterns that you cannot focus your gaze on any one thing for more than a few seconds, you cannot even begin to help yourself. People (and I’m one of them) struggle to regain control for years. Trial and error, luck and fate and a lot of hard work on a non physical level have brought me to this place now. I believe that my role from here on in, is to start showing others how to do this, without so much trial and error. I want to offer you that guiding hand, walk with you as you figure out things for yourself. I want to help you to find what works for YOU. Not what worked for me.

When I first was presented with this idea, via my own energy mind, I have to admit I felt daunted. This is a dance based on pure energy, this is a dance that is in reaction to whatever presents in each moment. I cannot write this down, and give you a piece of paper to take away and learn from, that would be my experience not yours. I cannot write myself a strict set of rules to follow for each of you that wish to take up this dance with me, that would be impossible. The excitement and the magic is created in the knowing that every single person I work with is different. I will need to change how I work to fit in with them. I will need to think on my feet, to help them be the very best of who they are.

When I began Uncovering the Light of Your Soul, I was on the right track. I wanted to help others to find that inner light and beauty and bring it forth to engage with the world. In that way they are happy and the world is happy also. I did what I could through sharing my own experiences, sharing those of others, and by offering what guidance I could. Now I am going one step further, a step off the edge of the cliff into the unknown. I have so many tools to offer as guidance. I have so many tools to help you to be your own creator. I have so much understanding of the structure of the energy systems, and also of the power of limitations. My promise to myself and to all who I connect with is that the limitations will be dropped. Gone are the times of limitation. These are the new times, where we see who we are with wings!

Before I present this way of working to you, I need to think further. Today is the start of my 47th year in this lifetime, and it seemed a good time to put this down on paper. With this Full Moon, falling in the UK early on the morning of Friday the 13th June, and with all the current Solar activity, the energy is high, it is a time where we can create magic by looking at what needs to come to completion. For me I have completed a major life cycle, one where I have learnt so very much that I now can share. I am so looking forward to knowing you all better. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information on this.

And now can I ask you…..Shall we dance?

Kirsten Ivatts





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Where I am. A poem


I sit, the rain pouring,

Sipping red wine,

Listening, listening.


What do I listen for?

What is that disturbance,

At the edges of my perception?


Something is changing,


Something is forming,


Something is shedding,



I know not what.


Where I am is here.

Where I am is now.

The dusk seems more present this evening,

Intense, so intense with premonition.


I sense an edge,

A precipice,

Yet where I am

Is not there yet.


I sit, the rain pouring,

Sipping red wine,

Listening, listening.



Kirsten Ivatts 2014.


Hot Flushes? Or symptoms of Ascension?

I was just reading elsewhere about people experiencing internal heat recently and wanted to share with you my experiences of this.

When this first started I thought it was to do with menopause, hot flushes. Over the last three months it has been happening regularly, and sometimes daily, but it is NOT hot flushes, so if you are getting the same symptoms please read on!

Here is a description of menopausal hot flushes :
‘Hot flushes may last between a few seconds and 10 minutes but an average is around 4 minutes. Frequency may be from every hour to a couple of times a week.
There is a sensation of intense heat and a feeling that the face and whole body is flushing. It is often difficult to ignore and women having hot flushes often fling open windows when all around them are anything but warm. Flushing and sweating may not be apparent to the observer but the sufferer tends to be very self-conscious of the affliction.
Lack of concentration and poor memory are commonly associated.’

Source patient.co.uk

Here is where what I am experiencing is different.
Firstly there is no sweating at all, no feelings of my skin burning up or flushing of the skin itself.
What I feel is a sudden onset of heat which can originate in any area below my chest and above my thighs. This heat is intense and flashes through me, but feels almost like a tingling. If you have ever felt energy with your hands you may know what I mean. It is accompanied by energy movements around and within my body and always ends with a surge of intense joy in the heart, and a feeling of excitement in the heart and solar plexus areas.
I do not suffer from lack of concentration or poor memory with it, but instead feel intensely awake. The whole experience last for less than a minute and leaves me with a ‘knowing’ that another layer that I no longer need has been stripped away.

If you are also having this experience, remember to be grateful afterwards. You are being helped, seared almost, by the light. Each time this happens know you are moving further forward on your path.


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